Thailand Beach Holidays

Thailand - the country of endless diversity and great contrasts. According to visitors, Thailand is Asia's most exotic country so Thailand beach tour is always an unforgettable one. Thailand beach holidays are unique opportunity for you to learn about Bangkok and relax in Pattaya - which is dubbed the "Pearl of the East Coast".

Thailand fascinates every tourist right from the first sight. Through the airplane window, the rooftops and the sparkling spire of the Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Arun temple and other Bangkok treasures - all spread out in front of the visitors as a picture of the magic things of the medieval Orient in the fairy tales.

Mystical Buddhist temples, stretching coral reefs, crocodile farms and tropical vegetation, Thai-style massages and typical dishes of Thai, Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisine gives visitors unforgettable impressions. Therefore, let Galatourist go with you !

Enchanting Thailand exploration and beach in 2 weeks | 14 days 13 nights

Thailand Beach Holidays
Bangkok - Chiang Mai - Phuket
Bangkok - Chiang Mai - Phuket
Start in: Bangkok
Finish in: Bangkok
Duration: 14 days 13 nights Price: 990 USD 1.130 USD

Experience on beautiful beach in Thailand travel itinerary | 10 days 9 nights

Thailand Beach Holidays
Bangkok - Phuket
Bangkok - Phuket
Start in: Bangkok
Finish in: Bangkok
Duration: 10 days 09 nights Price: 799 USD 855 USD

Overwhelming trip to Thailand picturesque beach | 7 days 6 nights

Thailand Beach Holidays
Bangkok - Phuket
Bangkok - Phuket
Start in: Bangkok
Finish in: Phuket
Duration: 07 days 06 nights Price: 549 USD 655 USD

Top 5 stunning sites you can admire during Thailand beach holidays

After seeing the following list of breathtaking tourist trap, you are belived to not hesitate anymore. You can even visit Thailand for the second time because of these exotic coastline. And now, look at them with us !

1. Phuket

Phuket Island is like the jewel in the Indian Ocean. It is Thailand's largest island that is considered to representative of almost Southeast Asia island resort. This top spot is famous for its beautiful beaches along with some interesting activities such as deep snorkelling, dining in luxury restaurants, modern shopping and great beaches. Phuket has been a “capital" being rich in art and culture for a long time.
The top spot in Thailand

As one of the top travel destinations in Thailand, Phuket has a wealth of attractions, ensuring you won't forget a wonderful vacation on this beautiful island. All of them are the ideal choice for travelers around the world when joining beach holidays in Thailand.

2. Koh Yao Yai Island

With the pristine island like Yao Yai, there is no dificulty to enjoy the sea breeze by the most comfortable way. Being not crowded is the factor that makes you feel free to experience the local life. Koh Yao Yai is surrounded by the clear, warm and calm waters of the Andaman Sea. It also offers many world-class diving sites such as Shark Point, Anemone Reef or King Cruiser Wreck.
In addition, snorkeling also allows you to see towering rocks, coral reefs and a variety of sea creatures. If you want to explore further you can go to the mangrove forest not far away. This is probably one of the most interesting experiences for you when taking part in Thailand travel tour.

Koh Yao Yai
The pristine beauty in Koh Yao Yai Island 

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3. Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay belongs to Thailand's famous Phuket pearl island. And not beyond the expectations of visitors during beach holidays to Thailand, this place possesses a beauty that everyone must be stunned. The clear blue sea along with countless rock masses scattered in the sea creates a scene that is romantic, wild and attractive. A great geological wonder is full of islands, hidden underwater caves, and high rock ranges. This is the ideal spot for kayaking expeditions to explore many fascinating caves.

Phang Nga Bay
The off-the-beaten-track destination

4. Long Beach

Long Beach, also named Phra Ae, is the most famous beach at Koh Lanta. This beach is the longest on the island. In spite of its popularity, it is never crowded thanks to its length. In hot days you will find cool shades at the pine forests along the coast. Whether its low tide or high tide, the Long Beach is always a good choice for swimming.
If spending Thailand beach vacation with children, Long Beach is a must-come place. It has many exciting activities and games such as football, beach volleyball or sailing. In particular, this beach is very friendly and safe for children.

Long beach
Stunning coastline

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5. Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is about 50km away from Phuket. Not only it owns a captivating beauty, it is also the most clean and famous island in the world. The peaceful space and beauty of this place will surely bring you wonderful moments of relaxing, enjoying the feeling of being in paradise.

Phi Phi Island
Spectacular beach

Phi Phi Island is also one of the most beautiful diving places in Thailand with all kinds of colorful fish. Coral reefs and turquoise waters make you dive all day without boredom. Around Phi Phi island, there are countless beautiful deserted beaches. There is nothing better than kayaking than exercising and bathing in beautiful white sand beaches. It is worth spend Thailand beach holidays, especially Phi Phi Island. It's sure !

Thus, the Thai tourist destination must have made you anxious to carry your luggage up and go, right! What are you waiting for?  Let’s go now!

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