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Vietnam has long been known as a tourism destination of Indochina with many famous landscapes and places of historical evidence. With the S-shape in the length of about 188,744 km, both nature and culture are especially diversified. If you need a place with the peaceful beauty of mountainous landscapes, northern Vietnam is a nice choice. Or you would like to relax on the beaches, then you can pay a visit to Middle Vietnam. Or a modern city in Southern Vietnam is suitable for whoever likes noisy atmosphere and crowds. 

It is regrettable if you can only pay a visit to some tourist attractions in Vietnam. Then a Vietnam cheap tour is another chance for you with the journey alongside the country. A variety of wonders and meaningful places are available along with services from Galatourist will soundly satisfy your expectation about Vietnam tourism

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Vietnam beauty discovery with cheap package tour | 12 days 11 nights

Vietnam beauty discovery with cheap package tour | 12 days 11 nights

Special promotions (Cheaper Tours)
Hanoi - Halong - Quang Ninh - Hoi An - Quang Nam - Hue - Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) - Vinh Long
Hanoi - Halong - Quang Ninh - Hoi An - Quang Nam - Hue - Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) - Vinh Long
Start in: Hanoi
Finish in: Saigon
Duration: 12 days 11 nightsPrice: 824 USD 869 USD

5 Must-stop destinations in a cheap tour to Vietnam

1. Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh province)

Ha Long Bay is famous for its giant landscape in Vietnam, one in the list of the best seven wonders of the world. There are more than 1969 islands in the bay and a system of mysterious caves, which make Ha Long Bay so attractive with a variety of tourism activities of Vietnam cheap tours.
Ha Long Bay - The Astonishing World Heritage Site in Vietnam
Ha Long Bay - The Astonishing World Heritage Site in Vietnam

You can visit Bai Chay, one of the top resort areas where you can relax and bathe in the sea. The temperature here is always above 20°C. Co To island is famous for its giant coral system and the wild beauty, totally opposite to the crowded atmosphere in Ha Long. Besides, Tuan Chau island is considered as the most beautiful one here with the white sandy seashore, an ideal place for swimming or underwater activities. There are also many giant stalactite caves created for billion years by Mother Nature with its own beauty and stories.

2. Ha Noi Capital

Ha Noi city is the capital of Vietnam. With long-term historical development, Ha Noi owns a lot of natural and cultural tourism resources such as Thang Long imperial citadel, Temple of Literature, ancient town areas, many traditional villages and other landscapes like Ho Tay, Hoan Kiem lake. Therefore, it has been the most favorite destinations in Vietnam.
Hoan Kiem lake - symbol of Hanoi capital
Hoan Kiem lake - symbol of Hanoi capital

Food tour in Ha Noi is famous for many traditional Northern Vietnamese dishes. The most typical one is Pho, which you can find nowhere else in the world with its true taste. Moreover, there are rolls, La Vong fried fish (cooked with noodles and scallions in a charcoal brazier), noodles in chicken broth, Trang Tien ice-cream,...
The most suitable time for a Vietnam cheap tour to Ha Noi is the autumn, from September to the end of November. 

3. Da nang beach city

Da Nang is one in three tourism centers in the Vietnamese tourism maps and is a good choice for cheap tour Vietnam. You can easily access to this spot by roadway, airline or... Not only a remarkable natural and historical destinations, Da Nang also plays the role as a transshipment point to other world heritage like Hue, My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An ancient town and Cu Lao Cham Biosphere Reserves
Danang - a worth living city in Vietnam
Danang - a worth living city in Vietnam

Da Nang is a beach city with the seashore stretching in 60 kilometers. Especially, My Khe beach is chosen as one in six attractive beaches of the universe by American Forbes Magazine. With the development of tourism, there are many underwater activities such as canoeing, paragliding, water-skiing, banana boats, snorkeling to see corals.

4. Hue city

Located alongside Perfume River, Hue city is a world cultural heritage belonging to Thua Thien Hue province. There are many valuable places of historic interest, all stay in the Complex of Hue Monuments, a destination of Vietnam cheap tour: Hue Imperial city, Minh Mang Mausoleum, Gia Long Mausoleum, Thien Mu Pagoda, the Temple of Literature, Quoc Hoc High School. Hue is also known for many landscapes of hidden-beauty like Ngu Binh mountain, Thuan An beach, Lang Co beach and Tam Giang coastal lagoon...

Visiting the Imperial City of Hue - The Hue Citadel
Visiting the Imperial City of Hue - The Hue Citadel

Besides, the Royal Refined Music of Hue is another specification here. Hue has now become a festival city of Vietnam. Every year, two festivals will be held here to honor the historical values of Hue. There are many exciting programs such as Royal Night, Nam Giao, Ao dai festival, and other activities such as kite flying, poem presentations, traditional market,... Not only Vietnamese actors but also many foreign performing arts groups have taken part in these events. 

5. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city)

Saigon is known as the biggest commercial center of Vietnam with a  modern style of living. The facility system and services have developed variously at a high speed. The climate here is quite comfortable, not too sunny and not too long rainy, then you can have a cheap Vietnam tour at any season of the year. 
Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ho Chi Minh city
Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ho Chi Minh city

Moreover, there still remain hundreds of temples and pagodas, places of evidence of national liberation period (like Cu Chi tunnels). Saigon also holds many traditional festivals like Nghinh Ong festival.
The construction of Saigon is remarkable. It used to be called Indochina's Pearl. Nowadays the special buildings still remain in modern life such as Cho Lon Market, Saigon Central Post Office,...which are worth-visiting cheap Vietnam tours.

Five stops above are just some examples typical for the attraction of Vietnam cheap tour. Vietnam is a country developing rapidly in services but here are still historical and cultural value.
See more about the journey here: Vietnam beauty discovery with cheap package tour | 12 days 11 nights
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