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Foreign Embassy in Cambodia

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All foreign embassies in Cambodia are located in the country’s capital, Phnom Penh. Siem Reap has no foreign embassies. But some countries, for example France and South Korea, are represented by a consulate in Siem Reap, offering limited diplomatic and consular services. The following list gives an overview of all foreign embassies and consulates in Cambodia.
Embassy of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea: N 39, P. Suramarith St.  Tel: 426 848/015 839 680

Embassy of Australia: Villa 11, St. 254  Tel:213 470, Fax: 426 003

Embassy of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea: N 39, P. Suramarith St.  Tel: 426 848/015 839 680

Embassy of Australia: Villa 11, St. 254  Tel:213 470, Fax: 426 003

Embassy of Brazil Darussalam: N 237, St. 51  Tel: 211 457 - 458, Fax: 211 455 - 456

Embassy of Bulgaria:N 227, P. Norodom Blvd.Tel: 723 182/015 915 825, Fax: 426 491

Embassy of Canada: Villa 11, St. 254  Tel: 426 001-1, Fax: 426 271

Embassy of Cuba: N 98, St. 214. Skt. Veal Vong  Tel: 217 428

Embassy of France: N 1, P. Monivong Blvd.  Tel: 430 020, Fax: 430 037

Embassy of Germany: N 76-78, St. 214  Tel: 216 381/216 193, Fax: 427 746

Embassy of India: N 777, P. Monivong Blvd.  Tel: 363 502 / 361 270, Fax: 364 489

Embassy of Indonesia: Villa 179,Pasteur St.  Tel: 217 947/217  934/216 623, Fax: 216 129

Embassy of Japan: N 75, P. Norodom Blvd. Tel: 217 161/217 164, Fax: 216 162

Embassy of Laos: N 15-17, Mao Tse Toung Blvd.  Tel: 426 441, Fax: 427 454

Embassy of Malaysia: Villa N 11. St. 254  Tel: 216 411/017 810 777, Fax: 216 004

Embassy of Philippines: N 33, St. 294  Tel: 428 591, Tel/Fax: 428 048

Embassy of Poland: N 767, P. Monivong Blvd. Tel: 720 917/720 916, Fax: 720 918

Embassy of Royal Thai: N 4, P. Monivong Blvd. Tel: 363 869/363 870/363 871, Fax: 018 810 860

Embassy of Russia: N 213, P. Sothearos Blvd. Tel: 210 931/215 082

Embassy of Singapore: N 92, P. Norodom Blvd. Tel: 360 855/360 856, Fax: 018 810 840

Embassy of South Korea: #50-52, St. No. 214, Phnom Penh, P.O box 2433, Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel : (855-23)-211-900/3
Fax : (855-23)-219-200

Embassy of Sovereign Military Order of Malta: N 15, Sokun Meanbon St.  Tel: 725 055 - 908, Fax: 724 855

Embassy of the People's Republic of China: N 256, Mao Tse Toung Blvd.  Tel: 720 920/720 921, Fax: 210 861

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: N 436, P. Monivong Blvd.  Tel: 362 531, Fax: 427 385

Embassy of the United Kingdom: N 29, St. 75  Tel: 012 802 992/012 802 993, Fax: 427 125

Embassy of the United State of America: N 18, St. 228  Tel: 216 436/216 438/216  804, Fax: 216437
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Tonle Sap lake is one of the most unique ecological water wonders in the world. The Lake is the largest fresh water in South East Asia. Its dimension changes depending on the monsoon and dry season. During raining season from June to October, the lake is filled by water flowing from the Mekong with 14 meters in depth and expands the surface of 10,000 square Kilometers. In dry season from November to May its size 3,000 square kilometers with two meters in depth and water flows out from the Lake to the Mekong, in and out flowing is the natural phenomenon occurrences.
Top 5 attractions must - see in Siem Reap, Cambodia
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As a Cambodian tourist capital, Siem Reap is the unique old city with hundreds of natural and man-made attractions. From beautiful temples to unique museums, cultural parks, vast lakes and mountains covered with green grass. Discover this special land with Galatourist !
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Angkor Thom is a laterite coumpound of temples which is the last the most enduring capital of Khmer Empire. It was established in the late 12th century by King Jayavarman VII after driving out the Chams, who destroyed the old capital Yasodharapura. He fortified the city by building a high wall around it, in turn enclosed by a 100 meter wide moat. Therefore, it is an almost square city surrounded by 8 meter high walls a little over 12 kilometers long with five impressive gopura gates providing access to the city. The city’s name translates to “large city” or “great city”.
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When talking about Cambodia, surely almost tourists will think to Angkor Wat the first. It is the reason why will introduce about tour guide Angkor Wat to help you have fun and safe trip in there.
Phnom Penh Postal Code
Phnom Penh Postal Code
If you are sending mail or packages to anywhere in Phnom Penh City, you can ensure faster and more reliable delivery by using the official area code.
Useful Contacts in Cambodia
Useful Contacts in Cambodia
Find out Useful Contacts, Public Services, Emergency Contact Numbers, Tourist office, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Traffic, Airports, Country Code, Local Area Access, Public Institutions when travelling in Cambodia.
Health Care in Cambodia
Health Care in Cambodia
Health insurance, including emergency evacuation, is absolutely essential. Doctors and hospitals expect cash payments for any medical treatment. The cost of medical evacuation is high. The hospital in Phnom Penh is reliable.
Cambodia Currency & Money
Cambodia Currency & Money
Riel (KHR; symbol CR) is the country’s official currency but locals prefer to use dollars. Riel notes are in denominations of CR100,000, 50,000, 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500, 200, 100 and 50. Dollars notes (not coins) are widely accepted, yet visitors in small villages and shops vendors may not have change for high notes (including $10+). It is advisable to keep hold of small Riel change wherever you can as it is very useful.
Things to see and do in Cambodia
Things to see and do in Cambodia
Angkor, the former capital of the ancient Khmer Empire, is one of the greatest and most spectacular Hindu religious sites in the world. Construction of this elaborate temple complex - built in honour of the god Vishnu - began in AD 879 during the reign of King Suryavarman II and was completed in 1191
Shopping & Nightlife in Cambodia
Shopping & Nightlife in Cambodia
Visitors to Cambodia have a tendency to leave with bulkier luggage than on arrival: the country's markets are heavy with potential souvenirs, ranging from silks, textiles and statues to carvings, silverwork and Buddhist artworks.
Cambodia Food and Drink
Cambodia Food and Drink
As elsewhere in South East Asia, the quality of the food is a draw in its own right. Khmer cuisine shares much with that of both Thailand and China, although it tends to steer clear of excessive use of spices. Quality restaurants are found in all areas that see mainstream tourism, while cheap but tasty food stalls are ubiquitous around the country. Most meals are rice-based.
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